Dielectric adhesive tapes for the electro-mechanical industry

Guerzoni is the official distributor of H-old ®, the leading manufacturer of dielectric adhesive tapes.
H-old ® offers a complete certified product range for electro-mechanical industry and thanks to its
knowledge and competence can meet the most demanding performance for the winding in electrical motors, magnetic cables and dry type transformers.
UL certified products under our File OANZ2 E 18430, also listed in the UL Electrical Insulating Systems.
The range available in stock is very wide, ready to meet the demands of the market depending on the characteristics of the support required, such as:

  • PT 25: Polyester/TNT Film
  • PR25/PR30: Polyester Film/Glass wires
  • PX50: Polyester/Nomex Film
  • P31/P315: Polyester Film
  • X50: Nomex
  • GL94/GL96/GL99: Glass Fabric
  • H20: Kapton
  • 560: Polymide film
  • and others on request according to the customer’s need;