Flexible paper with diamond shaped epoxy resin

Diamond dot paper is a high-strength insulating paper printed on both sides with diamond-shaped epoxy resin in stage “B”. The diamond-patterned resin coating melts at temperatures and merges the layers of paper and conductors together, forming a rigid bond. Prolonged heating of the coil during the normal cooking cycle hardens the resin in such a way that the permanent resistance to internal heat lasts throughout the life of the transformer. The diamonds being spaced apart, the unprinted surface corresponds to 64%, in this way a secure adhesion of the insulation to the conductor is guaranteed. Furthermore, the pre-preg resin of the diamonds crosslinks passing from the state B (pre-preg) to the state C (polymerized) anchoring itself firmly to itself or to metal parts with which it comes into contact, creating microchannels for optimal oil circulation.
Diamond paper is mainly used in the insulation of oil transformers.


Features and technical notes

Thickness mm0.050,0750,100,130,180,26

Available heights from 4 to 1220mm
Internal diameter 76 or 152mm / External diameter 450mm
Insulation class A 105°