Flexible film laminated with polyester and a layer of nonwoven

DM is made laminating polyester film with a layer of nonwoven through high quality resin. The main function of the nonwoven is to improve the thermal aging perfor­mance of polyester film.
Further improvements in the overall performance of the laminate are achieved by saturating the nonwoven fleece with special synthetic resins.
Usually the unsaturated versions are natural white, the saturated ones are pink (other colours available upon request).
DM has a good rexistance to heat and aging, the nonwoven is laminated with a special and heat resistant resin perfectly designed for the insulation of electric motors, trans­formers and electrical equipment of class F 155˚C. In electrical motors or, in general, in rotating machines, these laminates are used in slot closure and insulation as well as to separate phases on the heads of the windings. In transformers and elec­trical static equipment is used as interlay insulator.

Technical feature

Spessore totale ± 10% mm0.

Available heights from 4 to 1500mm
Internal diameter 76 or 152mm / External diameter 450mm
Thermal class F 155°