Safety devices for electromechanical industry

Thermal protectors are electromechanical safety devices that protect electronic equipment in case of an increasing of temperature during the windings.

Among the most representative and used, Guerzoni always has a stock of micro thermal protectors, PTC, PT100, KTY, and thermal fuses.

Micro thermal protectors

The micro thermal protectors is a bimetallic, quick release, miniaturized device, designed in particular for all applications where space is critical. Despite its small size, it has a certified breaking capacity of up to 7A and can protect electronic equipment up to a temperature of 180°C.
Guerzoni has been collaborating for several years and currently it’s the unique distributor of Saftty, a leading company in the production of thermal protectors. Saftty presents a wide range of products certified for the electro-mechanical industry which, thanks to a constantly developing R&D, offer maximum performance and guarantee high quality standards and reliability over time.
Currently among the most used thermal protectors there are the model BW-D series small size, the model ST01, the super thin 2.5mm model ST01-S, the ST01-H with PTC self-hold, the super thin 1.5mm model ST03, the ST04 with large rated current of 20A, the super small size model ST05, the super thin 1.15mm model ST02 and finally the ST06 with rated current of 10A.


Thermistors are high quality sensors based on a semiconductor with a PTC effect and can be inserted directly into the windings.
Their function is related to the temperature variations of the windings in which they are inserted. The sensitivity and the fast reaction time make them suitable for many applications in the market of electronic industry, electric motors, transformers and electric machines.


PT100 sensors are suitable for controlling electric motors, generators, transformers and ball bearings. The signal can be distributed to a temperature indicator or to a PLC for managing the electric machine.
Thanks to PT100, temperatures up to 400 ° C can be controlled and can be produced in various shapes and sizes upon customer request.


KTY is a semiconductor welded on PTFE cables and insulated with a heat-shrinking Kynar cap.
KTY increase the resistance as the temperature increases and are generally connected to a PLC to manage the desired functions. They are highly reliable, precise and stable over time and quick to perform. On request it is possible to make KTY with cable lengths and colors different from the standard. Moreover it is possible to supply them in special executions with threaded brass housing.
KTY have an operating temperature between -50 ° C and + 150° C.

Thermal fuses

The thermal fuse is an electric safety device that interrupts the passage of electric current when the electric appliance heats up beyond a certain temperature, isolating itself and interrupting the heating circuit.