In a market where custom requirements are increasingly demanding, our team is able to customize all your work.

Thanks to the 7 cutting machines:

  • We work on thicknesses from 7µm to 1350µm forse mm
  • We provide width according to your requests starting from 6mm;
  • We have external diameters up to 550mm;

We also have 4 processing machines that allow us to:

  • Jag;
  • Thermoform pans;
  • Cut;
  • Embroider and make quarry funds;
  • Cut sheath to size;
  • Carry out a complete wiring of the cables

Improved quality and control over the final product

Production flexibility and customization of any request

Faster delivery times

Technical support

Thanks to thirty years of experience, our sales staff is able to support you in every technical aspect. With the help of our suppliers we detect your problem and evaluate the choice of the most suitable and/or alternative materials that perform best during the production of a transformer or the activity of an electric motor.

Whatever your need, the Guerzoni team is ready to assist you.