Commitment management
Guerzoni operates in the market for the production and distribution of electrical insulators in the electromechanical sector and has as its main objective the satisfaction of customer requests. To do this, Guerzoni considered it necessary to invest both in personnel through greater awareness of the activities carried out and in production equipment.

Another important qualitative objective consists in the innovation and research of new equipment and production plants for a better production yield in relation to internal and external needs.

The aim is to simplify the tasks performed and to improve performance and efficiency, allowing operators to manage their tasks with ever greater accuracy in compliance with the quality objectives set.

The basic principles of the Guerzoni Quality Policy are developed in the following points:

  • Constantly monitor the results obtained by adjusting the parameters of comparison to the changing needs of the market, greater importance to statistical data and internal audits.
  • Ensuring the skills of staff, in particular to validate their operational capabilities
  • Involve the staff by making them aware of company decisions and directives
  • Monitor the efficiency of production equipment by making innovations and improvements
  • Monitor the efficiency of the work carried out by outsourcers

Commitment towards the customer
The primary objective of Guerzoni is to obtain complete customer satisfaction, in compliance with contractual requirements and current regulations. Precisely in compliance with this purpose, the orientation of the entire company QMS implemented against the reference standard UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 is weighed and the provisions relating to Quality are examined. The same commitment to the growth of its image as a trusted and serious company, provides the customer with the security of product quality and the guarantee of a serious and reliable service.

Commitment towards Suppliers
The purpose of Guerzoni is to:

  • Obtain clarity and reliability in relations with one’s suppliers
  • Monitor Suppliers to ensure the quality of the products / services provided
  • Evaluate the Suppliers with a view to a certified quality system and qualification of their products / services for a total guarantee of the quality of the supplies.

For the above, Guerzoni undertakes to apply quality management to its business activities on the basis of the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, paying particular attention to the external and internal context of the organization and evaluating risks and opportunities that can arise from such contexts.

The Management of Guerzoni undertakes to disseminate and systematically revisit the principles of its quality policy, in line with the needs and expectations of customers, employees, suppliers and the community.


The philosophy of Guerzoni is always focused on improving its internal and external management to offer a reliable and afficient product.

Guerzoni products are included in the Dolph and Elantas insulation system.

Certificazione UL Guerzoni
Guerzoni SRL Certificato ISO 9001 2021