January 15, 2022

Towards a single direction

After the Covid-19 the sensitivity of people and institutions has drastically changed.
It has finally come to the conclusion that waiting is no longer an alternative .
The planet, like people, needs changes that will impact our entire lives.

And now that 2022 has begun, it’s time to take stock of the situation.

“This is a time of year when it’s tempting to look back. But usually it’s more interesting to look ahead” Ed Crook

The news of the next period

This could be the year of big changes from the point of view of renewable energies like the automotive.
Certainly, the fact that money is arriving from the European Union in all the countries of the old continent, for the Recovery Fund, will change the cards on the table.
But in addition to this, it is also useful to consider what the trends will be in the coming months.

Here are the forecasts for next year.

The forecast for 2022

Next year will be marked by change, here are some predictions:

Electric vehicles will continue to grow

Sales of electric cars increased thanks to the incentives and bonuses that allowed them to grow in the previous months. In the next period some of the aid to the sector will disappear. But, despite this, global sales of electric vehicles will exceed 8.5 million .
In the same way, the recharging infrastructures will increase, necessary to allow electric cars to be purchased in the area. In fact, to date, one of the biggest obstacles is represented by the fact that people do not know how to recharge electric vehicles because there are no charging points.

Solar systems will grow

Renewable energies will continue their inevitable growth. Photovoltaic will continue to be the sector’s number one growth lever. And it will do it all over the world. It will play a primary role in China, especially in rural areas, as well as in Europe. Through photovoltaics, we can produce electricity with zero impact, and this is what makes this energy so powerful. Adding the fact that the energy created through photovoltaics is then reused without ever being wasted.

Carbon will reach peak prices

Carbon growth will always increase in 2022 and beyond. An unavoidable process gave that the availability of quotas will decrease. This leads to the need to find alternative ways to replace carbon. Electric cars, which we talked about above, represent just that. The differentiating element that can replace carbon.

In conclusion

In 2022, the renewable energy market could change drastically:

  • Solar systems will grow
  • Electric vehicles will grow
  • The price of carbon will grow Cover image bySungrow EMEAhonUnsplash
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