unidirectional banding-stage-resin-adhesive-tape


Unidirectional b-stage resin adhesive tape

Banding tape is a unidirectional resin-bonded glass tape used to secure parts of electrical devices and resist mechanical stress during operation. It is typically used for wrapping motor coils and in transformer cores and coils.
The tape is bandaged according to specific conditions. After the banding process, it must be cured to obtain the final properties and form a rigid and homogeneous ring which, through the tension retained during the application process, maintains the integrity of the parts throughout the life of the machine.
This tape is suitable for wrapping all types of engine rotor coils; to bind cores, coils and columns of dry and oil transformers; for reinforcing and blocking any type of windings and winding parts.


20, 25 e 30mm


F 155° e H 180°C

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