City Transformer: Revolution in Urban Mobility with Shapeshifting Cars

August 14, 2023

CITY TRANSFORMER: URBAN REVOLUTION – City Transformer, the Israeli mini-mobility start-up, is revolutionizing urban mobility with its innovative shape-shifting electric vehicle.

The company has achieved major milestones, including more than 2,000 preorders, 20 million euros in Series A investment, and strategic partnerships with Bosch Software, CECOMP, and Stockholm Design Lab (SDL). This progress pushes City Transformer toward full commercialization and mass production by 2025, offering an attractive “share-ready” solution straight off the production line.

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Photo in the nigh with light city

Features of the CT-2

City Transformer’s CT-2 serial model will be its first mass production. The car, with a shape-shifting chassis, combines the agility of a motorcycle with the safety and comfort of a car. The CT-2 expands to 1.4 meters wide in Performance mode, but shrinks to just 1.0 meter in City mode, allowing the driver to dart through traffic, also, with a length of 2.5 meters and a narrow width, parking perpendicular to the curb becomes a breeze.

Four CT-2s can even share the space of a standard parking space, solving the problem of parking shortage in dense cities.

City Transformer has formed a strategic partnership with Bosch Software, a world leader in in-car connectivity. This partnership will enable the automaker to offer “share-ready” hardware and software right off the production line. In addition, City Transformer has contracted with CECOMP, an experienced European automotive manufacturing specialist, for mass production feasibility testing in Turin, Italy.

CECOMP will lead the pre-production engineering process, with the goal of starting full serial production in early 2025.

In the context of innovation in electrical insulating materials, insulating sleeves play a key role in ensuring the safety of electric vehicles such as City Transformer’s CT-2 model.

Future Mobility Solution

CT-2‘s innovative shape-shifting chassis addresses congestion problems, reducing time spent in traffic. However, City Transformer does not stop there. The company aims to be a pioneer in transforming urban mobility and, with the integration of Bosch Software’s connectivity solution, will become the first automaker to offer “share-ready” vehicles right from production. The CT-Connect app will personalize each CT-2 for any user, anywhere in the world, enabling a unique user experience.

Ahead of the next phase of development, City Transformer undertook a rebranding in partnership with SDL, well-known branding consultants. This partnership allowed them to redefine the brand identity and customer proposition, setting the stage for the future of urban mobility.


City Transformer is changing the face of urban mobility with its innovative shape-shifting car solution.

With strategic partnerships, a promising CT-2 model, and a mission to make cities more accessible to people, the company is gearing up for exciting mass production in 2025. Pre-orders are already open, and Europe is a key market for sales.

With the support of Bosch Software, CECOMP and SDL, City Transformer is poised to redefine urban mobility and drive the future of sustainable mobility.

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