December 13, 2022

The expensive bills you did not expect

The energy situation is increasingly fluctuating: the crisis due to the war in Russia and the non-optimal management of energy resources has brought the prices of utility bills ever higher. People are struggling to make ends meet and while the government is looking for solutions to help families in difficulty, technology is helping us.

Thanks to home automation, in fact, it is possible to save tens of euros on your bills. We investigate the causes.

Saving thanks to home automation

Nowadays everyone has heard of home automation and many use it in their own homes. Smart homes (intelligent homes) allow you to monitor the situation and control energy expenditure at any moment.

A study by GFK Market Intelligence showed that thanks to home automation it is possible to save over 20% of electricity per day. More or less 80 euros a month that remain in consumers’ pockets and that can be used in other ways. With the use of intelligent thermostats and home automation scenarios, savings on heating and air conditioning are around 30-35%. In addition, a connected and smart home also increases its value on the market from 3 to 10%.

For these reasons, equipping your home with home automation seems to be a very smart move, both to save on bills and to increase the value of your home.

In the previous months, the Government itself has given Bonuses to be able to equip one’s home with intelligent tools that would allow one to keep one’s home safe and save on bills.

The future is home automation

By now we know: we at Guerzoni believe in an increasingly technological and ever-greener future. We do it every day in the services we offer and in our products. Our work allows companies to place objects with low energy consumption on the market with an eye to the environment. This is why we believe that home automation can be useful for all of us to lower bill costs and energy waste.

Thanks to home automation we can monitor the consumption of our home and manage it even remotely. Moving towards a future increasingly attentive to environmental issues where the fight is against waste, home automation can prove to be a useful (and necessary) tool for achieving this goal. Even in Italy, where these numbers are growing more and more.

Cover image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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