Digitization at the service of the customer: the new Guerzoni

February 20, 2023

The Guerzoni company becomes increasingly technological: this is how its service improves further thanks to a new digitization process that puts the customer even more at the center.

Innovation: the watchword of Guerzoni

Between digital innovations and Artificial Intelligence, our sector is also preparing to change its face. But technology does not only enter work processes and products: contact with the customer is also increasingly mediated by digital tools.

In Guerzoni we have always believed and invested in innovation: from technological processes to management ones, from production to digitization.
For this reason, over the years, we have invested in machines and equipment that allow us to create what are among the best products on the market in a sector where technology is king.

Today, in an era where we need to keep up with the times, we have implemented some services that aim to improve the customer experience.

The customer at the center

Guerzoni’s new digitization processes put the customer and his experience even more at the center.
For us, it is important that anyone who interacts with our reality can feel welcomed and listened to in their needs.
Therefore, to facilitate the experience and to be even more useful to your needs, we have given life to a completely new site created with artificial Intelligence.

The new Guerzoni website, which you can browse by clicking here, was designed to be usable in a simple and intuitive way.
You can find everyone our products, and our workings and contact us directly through our live chat.

This way we can be in contact with you in real-time and respond quickly to your questions or requests.


A new way of doing business

Our mission is to ensure that technology and digitization are the tools through which to do business in a simple and constructive way, to offer our customers and the market our best.

The new Guerzoni site, created with Artificial Intelligence, is easily navigable from any device, both desktop and mobile, and the live chat, allow us to improve the user experience who comes into contact with our reality.

Also, through our site, you can find out about the Team, all our collaborators, our products, our processing and the technical specifications of Insulation Classes.

We have the will to bring the customer ever closer to the world of Guerzoni.
For your every need contact us.

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