December 6, 2022

Energy communities represent the true future of the ecological transition. Especially for a country like Italy which needs to accelerate the transition to more sustainable energy. This is why it is essential to fill the legislative gaps and help the CERs that are springing up in the small communities of our splendid peninsula.

Renewable Energy Communities (CERs)

The CERs, short for renewable energy communities, represent a real response to the energy and environmental crisis we are experiencing in this last period. They give the possibility of lowering the prices of bills and of partially untying ourselves from the dependence that Italy has on other countries from an energy point of view. And this is why it is important that energy needs and politics travel on the same tracks.

The CERs therefore represent a fundamental tool for the energy transition and lend a great hand to the fight against energy poverty. One of the most important values ​​of the CERs is given by the relationship with the territory and the community.

Renewable Energy Communities (CERs)

Citizens are an active and necessary part of the world of CERs. This is the added value of a fantastic tool created by communities for communities.

Carlo Bottani, president of the province of Mantua, says:

«We must make the most of all renewable energies, in thirty years too many nos have been said. The new realities and evolutions in the energy field must lead to making choices not based on the guts of citizens but for the development of the territory and with attention to environmental protection. We need teamwork, in Italy and in Europe».

So the CERs become a great opportunity to rebuild a concrete relationship between the state and citizens.

In addition to this, the words of Mattia Palazzi, mayor of Mantua, also reflect:

«renewables alone do not solve the energy problem, they must be promoted as part of an energy mix between renewables, fossil fuels and latest generation nuclear power, with a pragmatic approach. Two thirds of the projects are blocked by vetoes and appeals: there is a schizophrenia between encouraging renewables and then blocking them even in non-prestige contexts».

The future passes through energy communities

In which direction will ERCs go in the near future?

“Facing the climate crisis with courage is not only necessary but represents a great opportunity to make our economy and our society more on a human scale and therefore more capable of a future”.

In which direction will ERCs go in the near future?

Cover image by Nuno Marques on Unsplash

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