October 24, 2023

Energy communities in Europe: the most innovative projects

Europe is experiencing an energy revolution, with energy communities at the centre of this transition to a sustainable future. These communities represent a new energy production and consumption model based on collaboration and resource sharing. But what are the most innovative projects in this area in Europe?

Introduction to energy communities

Energy communities are citizens, businesses, or local governments working together to produce, consume, and share renewable energy locally. These communities play a crucial role in transitioning to a sustainable energy system by reducing CO2 emissions and promoting renewable sources.

concept of energy communities

Overview of the top 5 innovative projects in Europe

1: Lugaggia Innovation Community (LIC)

Located in Switzerland, LIC is a shining example of how a small community can become energy self-sufficient through renewable sources and resource sharing.


This German project focuses on creating a platform for sharing renewable energy among different communities, promoting energy efficiency and sustainability.


Aiming to promote the use of renewable energy in rural areas of Europe, COMPILARE is developing innovative tools and methods to integrate renewable sources into local energy networks.

4: SCCALE 20-30-50

This project aims to create a network of European communities to achieve a 50 per cent share of renewable energy in the energy mix by 2030.

5: WiseGRID

WiseGRID is developing a range of tools and applications to improve European energy networks’ flexibility, security and efficiency while promoting active citizen participation.

examples of European energy communities

eNeuron: A European project for the transition to low-carbon E.C.

ENeuron aims to develop innovative tools to facilitate the transition to a low-carbon energy system by involving citizens, businesses and local authorities.

NEON: The sustainable finance project for E.C.s in Europe.

The European Union’s Horizon 2020 program funds NEON to create a sustainable finance model for E.C. by promoting investment in renewable energy projects.

COMMUNITAS: Promoting the development of E.C.s in Europe.

Aiming to promote the creation of E.C. in the Primiero Valley, the COMMUNITAS project is working to integrate renewable sources and innovative solutions into local energy networks.

NRG2PEERS: Strengthening proactive E.C. through a dedicated platform.

NRG2PEERS is developing a platform for creating proactive communities, enabling meaningful connections and sustainable energy practices.

Conclusion: The future of innovative energy communities in Europe.

Energy communities represent the future of energy in Europe. These communities demonstrate that creating a sustainable energy system based on collaboration and resource sharing is possible.

concept of energy communities
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