Insulating sheaths

Guerzoni S.r.l. offers a wide range of insulation sheaths, designed to ensure protection and safety in a variety of industrial and household contexts. Among our solutions, the Silicone Glass Sheath provides reliable protection for transformers and electric motors, thanks to its flexibility and resistance to high temperatures.

For applications requiring resistance to abrasion, we recommend the Acrylic Sheath, ideal for motor and transformer wiring. The Polyolefin Sheath, with its 2:1, 3:1, or 4:1 shrinkage, is perfect for industrial environments with high humidity.

To protect electric motors in environments subjected to high mechanical stress, the Polyurethane Sheath offers high abrasion resistance. The Glass Blocked Sheath, resistant to high temperatures, is suitable for industrial furnaces and wiring exposed to high temperatures.

Finally, the Expandable Sheath is the ideal choice for grouping cables in a variety of industrial applications, thanks to its excellent anti-abrasion and self-extinguishing properties.

Choose Guerzoni S.r.l. for high-quality insulation solutions, designed to meet the specific needs of your industrial and domestic sector.

Glass silicone sheaths


Polyolefin sheaths


Polyurethane sheaths


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