Muscovite/phlogopite mica sheets

We are the sole and official distributor of Mica produced by Sweco, one of the most innovative and modern Korean companies in the production of Mica-based insulating material.
Mica is a mineral formed by parallel sheets of silicate tetrahedra on each side of an octahedral layer. Depending on the elements and their location in this structure, a large variety of micas have been established. Among these there are two varieties perfectly suited to the electromechanical sector: The most prevalent type used is muscovite (light-colored mica), in which aluminum is a main component of the octahedral layer;
The other type of mica is phlogopite (darker colored mica), which contains magnesium as the main component of the octahedral layer.
Furthermore, Mica is incombustible and resists temperatures from 600° to over 1000°C.

Depending on the use and application of the end customer and on the basis of the dielectric characteristics, Mica is used:

To insulate conductors: used for insulation of copper conductors and cables for high voltage motors and generators. It has excellent flexibility which adapts well to copper conductors.

For VPI types (Vacuum pressure impregnation): The dry type has been developed for the vacuum impregnation of electric motors. Its impregnation is very good as it contains small amounts of adhesive. It can be made with various adhesives, carrier materials and accelerators, according to specific needs. SKF, SRF type contains aramid fiber in the Mica and has excellent resin impregnation without diffusion of Mica particles.

For RR (Resin rich) grades: Mica Prepreg tape consists of calcined Muscovite Mica paper impregnated with heat resistant epoxy resin and bonded with various backing materials, such as glass film or polyester film. When prepreg mica tape is subjected to heat and pressure, the resin flows and cures into void-free insulating materials. SR854T has excellent shear strength making it suitable for use as an insulating material for conductors.

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