Motor protectors

Thermal protection for electronic equipment

The motor protector is a miniaturized, quick release, bimetallic device especially designed for all applications where space is critical. Despite its small size, the monoprotector has a certified breaking capacity of up to 7A and can protect electronic equipment up to a temperature of 180°C.
We collaborate and are sole distributors of Saftty, a leading company in the production of motor protectors. Saftty presents a wide range of certified products for the electro-mechanical industry which, thanks to continuous R&D development, offer maximum performance and guarantee high quality standards and reliability over time
Currently among the most used models there are the BW-D series small size model, the ST01 model, the super thin 2.5mm model ST01-S, the ST01-H with PTC self-hold, the super thin 1.5mm model ST03, the ‘ ST04 with large rated current of 20A, the super small size model ST05, the super thin 1.15mm model ST02 and finally the ST06 with rated current of 10A.

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