November 29, 2022

Tesla, Elon Musk, and the news of electric cars

Tesla is, without a doubt, the most talked about electric car in recent years. Of course, the credit is almost all of its inventor: Elon Musk. The eccentric entrepreneur from Silicon Valley is among the best to be talked about. Recently, for example, he bought the famous social network Twitter, attracting the attention of users, journalists and all industry experts.

In addition to Tesla and Twitter, we recall that Elon Musk also owns the Space X project, which has the mission of bringing humanity to Mars. But Tesla certainly remains his strong point, because it marked the turning point in the electric car market, making them, in some way, cool.

Tesla and the need for renewal

You know, the market is constantly evolving. If it is true that Tesla was the forefather of this new wave of electric cars, it is equally true that the market has not been idle. For example, the ultra-luxurious Rolls Royce will market an electric motor-powered car worth $400,000.

But electric cars aren’t just for the super rich: the very Italian 500 is establishing itself as the favorite electric car of Italians, and China is bringing its cars all over the world at an increasingly democratic price.

So Tesla wants and must renew itself.

The automaker located in California would have started a restyling project for the Tesla Model 3. The name Highland defines the goal of reducing costs and increasing the attractiveness of a model on the market for the past five years. Tesla therefore plans to reduce the number of components and the complexity of the cabin and improve some of the options and functions most appreciated by buyers, including the central display.

From the Model S, the flagship presented in its new version just last year, the Model 3 will take inspiration for some improvements. The disappearance of buttons and air vents will allow for even more minimalist interiors focused on the large 17-inch central display. In addition, the traditional steering wheel has been replaced by an aircraft-style joystick.

How will Tesla, the most talked about car ever, change again?

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