The advantages of flexible films in the electromechanical industry

June 10, 2024

The electromechanical industry requires reliable and efficient insulating materials to ensure the safety and optimal performance of electrical components. In this context, insulating flexible films stand out as an advantageous solution for electrical insulation. In this article, we will explore the main advantages offered by flexible films and why they represent an excellent choice for electromechanical applications.

Excellent insulating properties

One of the main advantages of flexible films is their ability to provide superior electrical insulation. These materials, such as Nomex®, offer high dielectric strength, making them ideal for use in transformers, electric motors, and other high-voltage components. The excellent insulation resistance of flexible films helps prevent short circuits, electrical discharges, and other insulation-related issues.

Flexibility and adaptability

Another significant advantage of flexible films is their inherent flexibility. These materials can be easily bent, wrapped, and shaped to fit complex forms and geometries. This makes them particularly suitable for insulating windings, coils, and cables, where flexibility is essential for uniform application and complete coverage. The flexibility of insulating films allows for precise and uninterrupted insulation, improving the overall reliability of electrical components.

Thermal resistance and stability

Insulating flexible films also offer excellent thermal resistance and dimensional stability. Materials like Kapton® can withstand high temperatures without deteriorating or losing their insulating properties. This thermal resistance is crucial in electromechanical applications, where components are often subjected to thermal cycles and demanding operating conditions. The stability of flexible films ensures long-lasting and reliable insulation over time.

Lightweight and space-saving

Compared to other insulating materials, flexible films have the advantage of being extremely lightweight and thin. This characteristic is particularly valuable in the electromechanical industry, where the weight and size of components are critical factors. The use of flexible films allows for a reduction in the overall weight of electrical devices, improving their efficiency and performance. Furthermore, the reduced thickness of flexible films enables compact design, optimizing the use of space within electromechanical components.

Versatility and customization

Insulating flexible films are also distinguished by their versatility and adaptability to the diverse needs of the electromechanical industry. These materials are available in various formulations and thicknesses, allowing for the selection of the most suitable solution for each specific application. Moreover, flexible films can be customized with surface treatments, laminations, or custom cuts to meet the specific requirements of projects. This customization flexibility allows for optimizing insulation performance and adapting flexible films to different operating conditions.

The expertise of Guerzoni Srl

Guerzoni Srl is a company specializing in the production and distribution of flexible insulating materials for the electromechanical industry. With over 30 years of experience in the sector, Guerzoni Srl offers a wide range of high-quality insulating flexible films, including Nomex® and Mylar®, to meet the diverse needs of customers.

The company is constantly committed to research and development of innovative solutions to improve the performance and reliability of insulating materials. Thanks to its technical expertise and close collaboration with customers, Guerzoni Srl is able to provide customized solutions and technical support to ensure optimal results in every application.


Insulating flexible films represent an advantageous solution for electrical insulation in the electromechanical industry. Thanks to their excellent insulating properties, flexibility, thermal resistance, and versatility, these materials offer numerous benefits for improving the performance and reliability of electrical components.

By choosing high-quality insulating flexible films provided by Guerzoni Srl, companies can benefit from reliable and customized solutions to meet their specific needs. With the experience and expertise of Guerzoni Srl, it is possible to obtain the maximum advantages from insulating flexible films, ensuring superior electrical insulation and long-lasting performance over time.

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