January 15, 2022

The electric that arrives in Italy

The electric, especially in the automotive field, is establishing itself more and more.

It does so thanks to state incentives, a new ethical vision of the world and also because, needless to hide it, it’s fashionable.

If in the early years it was a luxury for the few, today the process is increasingly democratised, and little by little more and more people can afford electric cars.

But which is the Italians’ favourite?

One might think of big foreign names, such as Tesla and Volkswagen, but the answer is mede in Italy .

The favorite of the Italians: Nuova 500

Born in Turin and a bulwark of Italy’s industry, the New 500 is the favorite electric car of Italians.

The best-selling in Italy, with its 10,753 units registered in 2021, equal to 16% of the full electric market.
Numbers are almost never just numbers. They are also indicators of a market that is doing great for the Italian automotive industry, and which could find a new boost in electric cars to recover from the drama of Covid-19.

In Italy alone, the electric car market more than doubled its volumes compared to the previous year, reaching over 67,000 units sold.


Italian design in the world

The new 500 works.

It works because it brings with it an all-Italian taste that pleases. First of all to the inhabitants of the peninsula, and secondly to the rest of the world.
People like it because it evokes the cultural myths of the Bel Paese.
Fashion, costume, cinema, romance.

The car is already available in Europe, Israel, and Brazil, and is also expected to enter Japan in 2022.

Sustainability Made in Italy

If it took a long time for Fiat to put an electric car on the market that could represent both the turning point and the new direction of the Piedmontese car manufacturer, it is equally true that now the path taken seems to be the right one.

It is not the only Made in Italy project to have had such a high response.
In fact, we recall the listed Asckoll Scooters and the WASP project which created 3D houses directly from the earth.
Italy is moving well and will be able to do it better and better.

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