The New Electric Motors Made in Italy

May 30, 2023

Electric Motors Made in Italy: Italy advances towards more sustainable mobility by introducing new electric motors.

The Italian company, Aehra, which produces high-performance electric supercars, has recently announced a significant partnership to access the latest generation batteries. The Milan-based startup has collaborated with the Austrian group, Miba.

Miba is currently working on a dismountable battery, which allows for replacing and recycling only the damaged components while keeping the intact ones. Thanks to this innovation, resources are managed more efficiently, and the battery life is prolonged, maintaining high performance for a more extended period.

The Importance of Electric Motors

Thanks to their efficiency, reliability, and low maintenance requirements, electric motors are becoming increasingly popular in various applications, from automobiles to trains, drones to ships.

One of the main advantages of electric motors is their energy efficiency. Unlike internal combustion engines that convert only a tiny fraction of the fuel energy into motion, electric motors convert almost all of the electrical input energy into the signal. Electric motors are much more efficient than internal combustion engines and help reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

Another significant advantage of electric motors is their flexibility and adaptability. Electric motors can be used in various applications, from small engines in drones to large units in trains and ships. Moreover, electric motors can be easily controlled and regulated, making them ideal for applications requiring high precision and precise speed and torque control.
Finally, electric motors are becoming increasingly important in transitioning to a low-carbon economy.

Electric motors are crucial in mobility and beyond, even though not everyone speaks positively of them, as discussed in this article. The fact that Italy is increasingly moving towards electric motors is a fundamental point.

The Collaboration between Aehra and Miba

Collaboration between the Austrian company Miba and the Italian company Aehra will bring meaningful innovations to the market.

Miba is known for designing lightweight batteries, thanks to its Flexcooler thermal management system, which allows for fast charging and a more significant number of cycles.

Aehra, in collaboration with Miba, is currently working on producing an innovative battery with a 900-volt architecture that utilizes the Flexcooler cooling system to enable ultra-fast charging.

Auto elettrica motore

Franco Cimatti, CEO of Aehra, states:

“Many talks about fast charging, 350 kilowatts is a reference number for the industry and can be sustained as long as the battery maintains its temperature. If it cannot manage this factor, the charging speed slows down. We are trying to create a battery that is ‘trained’ to withstand that effort in the charging process so that it can be maintained for as long as possible.”

The Possibility of Powering Homes with Car Batteries

The new battery, developed in collaboration between Miba and Aehra, will be equipped with a bidirectional charging function, allowing it to be used as a power supply system for homes.

As Cimatti (CEO of Aehra) explains, a typical domestic photovoltaic system has a storage battery of around 10 kWh. Still, using a car battery can increase the storage capacity to over 100 kWh.

In the United States, during some natural disasters, it has been possible to use car batteries to power homes for several days.

Cimatti continues by stating that there is a strong emphasis on practices aimed at lightening batteries, eliminating elements and simplifying assembly. On the other hand, a battery built to Miba’s specifications would allow for the replacement of individual cells and the use of the remaining structure, including cooling systems, wiring, and control units. The practice of take-and-throw-away, typical of our times, is evolving into a sustainable attitude where the importance of repairing and fixing is being recognized again.

Stefano Mazzetti, Aehra’s Head of Purchasing and Procurement, concludes that this collaboration with Miba highlights how Aehra’s partners recognize the technical and commercial solidity of the company, which can support innovation and the improvement of efficiency and sustainability. These factors will be among the main KPIs in the automotive sector in the coming decades.

The Future of Italian Mobility

Italy has great potential. Its companies and the ingenuity of some operators in the sector can contribute to making Italian mobility one of the most important in the global landscape.

Aehra is an Italian company that produces high-performance electric supercars using innovative technologies and advanced design solutions. Its goal is to develop electric vehicles that offer superior performance to traditional internal combustion engine models without compromising efficiency and sustainability.

Over time, Aehra has focused on developing advanced technologies for batteries, electric motors, charging systems, and connectivity solutions to offer high-performance and sustainable electric vehicles.
This latest collaboration with Miba represents a step forward for the company and Italy as a whole.

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