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The electromechanical market is constantly evolving.

The demand is for reliable products, customizable and delivered in a short time.
We give our best to meet these new needs, which is why we have expanded our product range, refined our processes and speeded up delivery times.

We produce and distribute flexible insulation material for electric motors, transformers and cables.
Discover all the electrical insulation products in our catalogue.

Flexible insulation material: Frequently asked questions

Need information about our products? Do you need technical support for the choice of materials or a type of customization?

Look for the answer to the most frequently asked questions we have collected directly from our customers.

If you have not found the answers you were looking for or you have specific requests, please contact us!
Our team is always ready to respond to all requests.

I need material with insulation class H. What can you offer me?

To facilitate the choice of the product we have created a chart . Select the insulation class you want and choose the product you are looking for from the materials available.

Do you have UL certification?

Of course, you can find all the certifications in the section CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

What is the minimum height you can cut from a reel?

Cutting depends on the type of material and its thickness. We usually manage to cut starting from 6 mm.

Besides cutting, do you do any other work?

Of course, we can also jag, thermoform tiles, die-cut or bead. In addition to that, we also cut the sheath to size or make a complete wiring. Thanks to the nine processing machines we are able to respond to every need in a short time.


Corporate social responsibility

Alongside our international dimension, we are also very attached to our roots and to the territory where we live. Every year,together with the association Blu Basket of Treviglio,which plays in the national championship of A2, we manage the project Imparo Basket in schools and neighboring countries.


We have been working for years with leading partners in the electromechanical sector to guarantee a high quality service.

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Our mission is to improve internal and external management in order to offer a reliable and long-lasting product. Our products are included in the most important class F and H insulation systems.

Certificazioni ISO 2021

Quality and price

Our materials are chosen with high quality criteria to guarantee you the best relation with the final price.

Delivery time

We ship all your orders quickly. We are committed to delivering the material in stock within one working day.


The goods are shipped by our courier agreement, to avoid the management of the shipment.


We collaborate with the best manufacturers of ovens for winding firing, impregnation and continuous firing systems, drop by drop, mixing and casting for two-component resins and autoclaves.

Problem solving

We can help you review the impregnation cycle, solve an insulation problem, find a special seal or recondition a used one, recommend a motor or pump.

Technical support

With the help of our suppliers we are able to support you in every technical aspect. Together we evaluate the choice of the most suitable materials in terms of performance according to your needs.

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