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For over 30 years we have guaranteed reliability and trust in the Italian and European electromechanical field

Guerzoni Insulation materials

Insulating and flexible material

Our story begins with Paolo Guerzoni, a profound connoisseur of electrical insulators and a point of reference in the electromechanical sector since the seventies, who on the strength of his experience decided in 2008 to found Guerzoni insulation materials.

The mission was to direct the activity towards innovation and constant qualitative improvement; goals achieved also thanks to solid partnerships on a national and, above all, international level.

The extreme foresight, the technical, sales, procurement and, last but not least, the logistical skills of the founder, then assisted by the preparation of a very efficient staff of collaborators – both technical and commercial – have allowed our reality to implement the production and the marketing of all electrical insulating solutions to be used in finished products, such as transformers, electric motors and generators to be used in all conditions of use.

Today the brothers Daniele and Riccardo Guerzoni are at the helm of the company, who continue to concentrate their efforts on research and innovation, guided by the same principles as their father.

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Products for electrical insulation.

The electromechanical market is constantly evolving.

The request is that of reliable products, customizable and delivered in a short time.

We give our best to meet these new needs, and for this reason we have expanded our range of products, refined the processes and speeded up delivery times.

We produce and distribute flexible insulating material for electric motors, transformers and cables.
Discover all the products for electrical insulation.

The values ​​that guide us

We want to be, in Italy and in the world, a point of reference in the electromechanical sector, specialized in electrical insulation. Every day we strive to offer the best products and solutions for our partners. Our way of working is unique and is guided by our principles and values ​​such as social responsibility, business sustainability, transparency and occupational safety.

We are aware and proud to be a guide and example for the young people of the area. As with our employees, we believe that the customer is our greatest asset and satisfying their needs and desires is the commitment we aim to guarantee for the future.


We have been collaborating for years with leading partners in the electromechanical sector to guarantee a service with high quality standards.

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Quality and Price

Our materials are chosen with valid quality criteria to guarantee you the best value for the final price.

Delivery time

We ship all your orders fast. We are committed to delivering the material in stock within one working day.


The goods are shipped by courier in agreement with our company, to avoid the management of the shipment.


We collaborate with the best manufacturers of ovens for firing windings, impregnation systems, continuous firing, drop by drop, mixing for two-component resins and autoclaves.

Problem Solving

We can help you review the impregnation cycle, solve an insulation problem, find a particular seal or recondition a used one, recommend a motor or a pump.

Technical support

Through the help of our best suppliers we are able to support you in every technical aspect. Let's evaluate together the choice of the most suitable materials in terms of performance according to your needs.


Our mission is focused on improving internal and external management to offer a reliable and long-lasting product. Our products are included in the most important class F and H insulation systems.

About us

Here are the words of those who work with us

Excellence, continuous investments in research and development, customer satisfaction, are paradigms absolutely shared by ICC and Guerzoni. Two Italian companies that have been collaborating for years with the aim of supplying cables for industry of excellence manufactured with cutting-edge technologies and in compliance with constantly updated quality control procedures.

Eleonora Martinelli

ICC - Internal Sales Representative Senior


We have been collaborating with Guerzoni for several years. I can only confirm how profitable the commercial agreement is in terms of professionalism, skills and technical knowledge and attention to customers.

Olivier Piovano

H-OLD - Commercial Director


Quality is never random; it is always the result of intelligent effort.” This well-known aphorism sums up the terms and conditions of the now decennial collaboration between Delfort and Guerzoni in the supply of insulating paper. A few words that give an idea of ​​how Tervakoski, a subsidiary of Delfort in Finland, has consolidated its partnership over the years in order to cooperate to meet the expectations of its customers in terms of quality and reliability.

Fortunate Staropili

TERVAKOSKI - Commercial Director Italy

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