Triple layer flexible laminate with polyamide and aramid paper on both sides

The NKN material is produced by laminating the polyamide film with a layer of aramid paper on both sides.
The excellent dielectric and thermal properties of the polyamide film combined with the exceptional thermal and mechanical properties of the aramid paper give rise to a high quality insulating material. The outer layers of aramid protect the polyamide film from the effects of hydrolysis and mechanical loading. The high specific volume strength and dielectric strength are not affected by temperatures below 200°C.
NKN insulator is mainly used in electric motors but can be used in transformers and other electrical equipment if high resistance to high temperatures is required. temperatures with simultaneous mechanical load.


from 4 to 1000mm


76 or 152mm / External diameter 450mm


N 200th

Features and technical notes

Total thickness ± 10% µ

0.18 / 0.23 / 0.34 / 0.45 / 0.60

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