Flexible laminate with polyester and Nomex® aramid paper

The NP flexible insulation is obtained by coupling Nomex® paper (or aramid paper) with polyester film. The presence of the latter improves the mechanical and physical properties while the aramid paper works on the dielectric properties of the laminate with operating temperatures up to class F 155°C and class H 180°C thanks to the use of high performance glues.
The NP laminate represents a high performance solution for the insulation of electric motors, transformers and electric machines. In motors, or more generally in rotating machines, it is used to insulate the slot and close it (small tile), as well as to separate the phases on the winding heads. In transformers and other static electrical machines it is used as an interlayer insulator.


from 4 to 914mm


76 or 152mm / External diameter 450mm


F 155°

Features and technical notes

Total thickness ± 10% µ

0.08 / 0.11 / 0.13 / 0.16 / 0.18 / 0.25 / 0.31 / 0.35 / 0.41

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